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Cape May County Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s reckless behaviour or negligence you may be able to hold them accountable with a personal injury case. These types of injuries can affect every part of your life. Medical bills can pile up and you may be prevented from working, causing stress to your finances and your relationships.

Personal injury laws exist to help you get compensation for your expenses and suffering, and can also help prevent others from being injured in the future. For a free consultation of your case contact the experienced lawyers at Richard Hollawell at 1-800-681-3550 or through the contact and suffering.


What Counts as a Personal Injury Case in Cape May County?

You can bring a personal injury case if you’ve suffered an injury due to someone else’s carelessness. Private residents and businesses alike are liable for damages if they didn’t take reasonably expected precautions to prevent your injury from happening. For example, if you slipped at Washington St. Mall on a wet floor that wasn’t marked with signage, you could file a suit against the mall or business where your injury occurred. 

Personal injury applies to a number of situations and cases. Each type of case comes with its own legal processes and requirements, but some common types of cases are:

An experienced legal team will help you decide exactly how to proceed with your Cape May County personal injury case to make sure your interests are being fought for.

Medical Malpractice in Cape May County

Cape Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in the county, and has operated in the county since 1950. AtlantiCare also operates two urgent care centers, one in the South in Cape May, and one in Marmoa in the North.

During the period between 2011 and 2015, health conditions deteriorated in the county, falling to 19th out of 21 counties for child well-being, and with a mortality rate of 13.7%, the highest in the state. If you believe you or a loved one were the victims of medical malpractice at any medical facility in Cape May County, you should speak with an experienced attorney to help determine if you have a case. 

Amusement park rides must have proper warnings and properly trained staff

Slip and Fall/Premises Liability

Tourism accounts for the vast majority of Cape May’s revenue, with tourists sometimes outnumbering residents 9 to 1. Boardwalks, amusement parks, and water parks are all great sources of summer fun, but these attractions must follow rules and regulations regarding proper maintenance, posting warnings, and providing proper training for staff. 

Morey’s Pier in particular has been the site of several injuries and one fatality, and has been the subject of lawsuits due to negligence in the upkeep of their amusement park rides. The Splash Zone water park in Wildwood has also had numerous incidents, with 34 accidents reported from 2015 to 2017. If you or a loved one were injured due to a property or business owners negligence, you may have cause to file a premises liability lawsuit to claim damages. 

The Garden State Parkway is the most dangerous highway in the state of NJ

Most Dangerous Roads in Cape May County

In 2018, the state of New Jersey saw 563 people killed in traffic accidents. Cape May County experienced over 2500 car crashes, a number which has gone down only slightly over the past few years.

There are several dangerous roads in Cape May, with differing statistics depending on whether the accident involves another vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian. Cape May is relatively safe for drivers of cars compared to the rest of the state, but is considered the most dangerous Southern New Jersey county for bicyclists. 

  • Garden State Parkway: The Garden State Parkway consistently ranks as the most dangerous highway in New Jersey year after year. The 173-mile Parkway passes through 27 miles of Cape May County and sees more accidents during seasonal increases over the summer.
  • Route 47: Though the Parkway is the most dangerous highway in the state, Route 47, also known as Delsea Drive, claims the most deadly spot in Cape May County. Since 1999, 28 people have lost their lives along the 25-mile stretch of Route 47 that runs through the County. Traffic jams and accidents are common occurrences, especially during the summer months. Route 47 also has the highest number of pedestrian deaths in Cape May, and the third highest number of bicycle crashes.
  • Route 9: Route 9 also consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous highways in the state, with 14 fatal crashes in 2018. Its busiest stretch had an average traffic volume of 65,4222 vehicles last year. 


How to Prove a Personal Injury Case

To prove a personal injury case, you must bring forward evidence that the person or businesses’ negligence directly caused your injury, and that the injury affected your finances and quality of life. For instance, if you suffered in a crash driving up Pacific Avenue and had to get treatment at Cape Regional Health, you would want to bring evidence of the crash as well as your medical bills. If you received poor medical care while at the hospital, you could bring a medical malpractice or negligence case.

Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Case:

The damages you can receive change depending on the specifics of your case, but some types of damages you could win include:

  • Lost wages: You could get compensation for the wages you weren’t able to earn because the injury kept you from working. This can also cover lost wages as a result of taking time for treatments.
  • Pain and suffering: You may be compensated for things like lasting aches and pains, discomfort, limited mobility, and the inability to perform favorite activities. You may also be compensated for the emotional pain caused by issues like disfigurement or scarring.
  • Medical Costs: Medical costs are one of the most commonly awarded damages because they’re easy to prove.

To take a deeper look at what damages you may be entitled to, contact the team at Richard J. Hollawell and Associates. We’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases and treat each of our clients with compassion and care. We fight for our clients with tenacity and have won over $50M in settlements. Call us at 1-800-681-3550 or use the contact form to get your free consultation today!

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