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New Jersey Defective Product Injury Lawyer

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Every time you purchase a product, you do so with full confidence in the design, manufacture, and production of that product. Some products fail, however, usually due to inadequate design, poor quality during manufacturing, or a failure to make the consumer aware of the potential risks that come with a given product. In such instances, defective products may result in injury, financial loss, or property damage. Such damages can often take weeks, months, or even years to recover from.

Dangerous and defective products cause thousands of injuries throughout the country every year. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of products can be held liable for injuries or death resulting from a defective product or a device that malfunctioned. These products are the most common subjects of product liability claims:

  • Appliances
  • Automobiles, parts and components
  • Consumer Products
  • Drugs and Medicines
  • Furniture
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Toys with small parts or toxic materials

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The legal code in the U.S. details a number of causes for defective products. The causes of defective products can be numerous, but there are three main categories under which most defective products fall:

Manufacturing Defects: In this instance, defective products fail due to manufacturing circumstances. Poor safety standards, neglect, and corner-cutting can all lead to a defective product and, in the worst-case-scenario, injury or death. If your defective product can be traced to its manufacturing process, various parties may be held responsible in a liability case. Richard Hollawell will fight for your right to be fairly compensated.

Design Defects: Product design defects often lead to dangerous or malfunctioning features. Sometimes, design flaws will cause a product to fail completely and sometimes catastrophically. Whether you are a private citizen or a business owner, the consequences of a defective and badly designed product can have devastating consequences for your livelihood, health, and financial security. Richard Hollawell will fight to win you the best settlement possible so that.

Failure to Warn Consumers: Another of the most common forms of liability leading to defective products is a failure on the part of the manufacturer to properly warn or inform consumers of defective or potentially-defective products. Cases like this stem from neglect on the end of the manufacturers who are aware of their products’ flaws, but may not disclose this information due to financial or time constraints. This risk-taking behavior often ends up seriously hurting the consumer. Richard Hollawell is ready to go to bat for you against negligent or careless manufacturers.

  • Products Commonly Prone to Defects:
  • Seatbelts and other automotive part failures
  • Household appliance defects
  • Recalled products
  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Computer systems and other administrative systems
  • Firearms
  • Toxic or poisonous manufacturing materials
  • Flammable fabrics and materials
  • Poorly designed fixtures and structures

 What Kind of Compensation You Are Entitled To:

  • Compensation related to bodily injury, physical distress, disfigurement, mental and emotional distress
  • Compensation related to medical costs, hospital bills, rehabilitation, prescription drugs
  • Compensation related to loss of wages, earnings, and time away from the workplace
  • Compensation related to workplace or home damage due to product failure
  • Compensation related to the death or injury of a loved one

Products fail, and manufacturers are often liable due to neglect or purposeful misrepresentation of a products’ potential defects. If you fall victim to a negligent or predatory manufacturer, you may have a substantial claim waiting to be settled.

If you have experienced a defective project and you feel entitled to a settlement, contact Richard Hollawell today.

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