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You’ve likely slipped and fallen at some point, luckily most of us can go about our day after such an incident, but sometimes these falls cause serious injuries. More often than not, there are also responsible parties that should’ve taken more precautions to ensure their properties are safe for people using their establishment or passing through.

If you’ve suffered from a slip and fall, then you want to be sure to consult an experienced legal team to review all of your options. This is true even if your injuries don’t seem that serious. It can take weeks or even months for the full effects of some injuries to become clear, and injuries suffered as a result of a slip and fall can lead to poor health outcomes and even death. That’s why Richard Hollawell and his team are committed to fighting to get you what you and your family deserve.

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Do You Have A Slip and Fall Case in NJ?

Most personal injuries happen outside the home on the property that is owned by someone else. If you have been hurt while shopping or visiting a commercial, public, or residential property, you may be entitled to receive compensation under New Jersey law.

It is imperative to talk to an experienced New Jersey premises liability attorney before the statute of limitation expires or the property owner offers compensation below what you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a negligent property owner failing to fix or inspect a possible safety hazard contact our Richard Hollawell and we can help determine the severity of your case.

Negligent Property Owners

Under premises liability law, a home or business owner has a duty to keep visitors safe from harm. This means that property owners must meet certain standards of safe maintenance of the property to avoid slick surface accidents as well as falls resulting in injury. A property owner is not held responsible for guaranteeing the safety of visitors, however, the property owner does have a duty to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of visitors.

Types of Negligence

Some examples of hazardous conditions at shopping centers, commercial office buildings and other places that can cause injuries to include:

  • Insufficient lighting: Poorly lit stairwells can lead to slip-and-fall injuries.
  • Uneven walkways: Broken or cracked sidewalks can cause trip-and-fall injuries.
  • Accumulations of snow or ice: Uncleared snow or ice on walkways can lead to slip-on-ice injuries.
  • Slippery floors: A slippery or wet surface can lead to falls resulting in fractures
  • Unsafe structural conditions: crumbling stairs, broken revolving doors, malfunctioning escalators, unsafe elevators, unsecured scaffolding, and defective railways or ramps.
  • Falling objects: Improperly placed displays falling
  • Inadequate security resulting in assault
  • Parking lot falling
  • Toxic fumes or substances
  • Lead poisoning
  • Fire hazards
  • Plants or trees that obscure drivers’ views
  • Violations of building codes
  • Dog attacks
  • Construction debris
  • Exposed electrical equipment leading to electrocution
  • Swimming pool injuries

Setting Up a Consultation For Your Slip and Fall Case

It is smart to move quickly if you think you have a premise claim, once there is an injury, the property owner may move to cover up the negligence proving your case. The attorneys at Richard J. Hollawell & Associates will work to prove your case and secure proper compensation. If you have fallen victim to a property owners negligence you have a claim to cover hospital bills, and any lost wages from not being able to work, as well as for emotional hardship. Call to set up a consultation with Richard Hollawell at 1-800-681-3550 or online at via our contact form.