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Catastrophic Brain Injury Attorney in Pennsylvania

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Head injuries are always grave, particularly with catastrophic brain injury. This type of injury signifies severe damage to the head, leading to significant changes in brain function. While often stemming from car accidents, catastrophic brain injuries can result from various incidents.

The aftermath of traumatic brain injuries is typically life-altering for survivors. They endure enduring symptoms that impact their lives, coupled with substantial medical expenses and ongoing therapies. The financial repercussions are compounded by their reduced ability to work.

The profound impact of catastrophic brain injuries extends to victims and their families, who face significant financial and emotional strains if they do not pursue rightful compensation. Drawing on our expertise in personal injury law and extensive experience in such cases, we understand the complexities that may impede your full recovery. We guide you through the challenges associated with head injuries and advise on safeguarding your legal rights following such incidents involving you or your loved ones.


What Causes Catastrophic Brain Injuries?consultation.

Catastrophic brain injuries can stem from various incidents, with car accidents being the leading cause. They account for the majority of fatal head traumas in adults. Aside from car crashes, other significant causes include motorcycle accidents, sports-related injuries, and accidents at construction sites.

These injuries are typically classified into three categories based on their health implications: fatalities, severe disabilities, and head or neck trauma that does not result in lasting disability. Traumatic brain injuries are further categorized into closed injuries, where the skull remains intact, and open injuries, where the skull is penetrated.

The brain damage can result from different factors:

      • Concussion: Occurs when a blow to the head causes the brain to impact the skull, leading to bruising and potential long-term issues like headaches and emotional changes.
      • Diffuse axonal injury: Caused by sudden rotation that twists the brain structure, resulting in tearing that can harm the nervous system.
      • Penetrating wounds: Arise from environmental debris impacting the skull and penetrating the brain, carrying the risk of severe bleeding and trauma.

PENNSYLVANIA Head Injury Lawyers

The financial burden of long-term medical care can be overwhelming. Personal injury laws aim to alleviate this burden caused by life-altering injuries by providing the necessary compensation.

Only a seasoned personal injury attorney can offer the guidance needed to safeguard your legal rights. Richard Hollawell possesses vast experience in handling personal injury cases, navigating the intricate liability laws governing catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, reach out to Richard Hollawell today for a complimentary consultation of your case. Call 1-800-681-3550 or use the contact form for your free consultation.

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