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Insurance Bad Faith

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Consumers often face a jarring reality when the insurance company they relied on shifts its stance after an accident. Despite hefty advertising campaigns touting trustworthiness, many find out that the company’s true motive is profit, not protection.

After an auto accident, insurance adjusters may downplay your claim’s worth or even deny coverage altogether. This can be especially draining when you’re already dealing with the aftermath of a crash. The frustration of fighting a company acting in bad faith is compounded by their attempts to portray you as unreasonable or uninformed.

If you’re facing a denied claim, a NJ insurance bad faith lawyer can help protect your rights and pursue the compensation you’re entitled to. Remember, insurance adjusters are often motivated to minimize payouts, even resorting to unjust denials. It’s a tactic to prioritize company profits over policyholders, a common practice in the industry.

In cases of bad faith, where the company knowingly offers a service it plans to withhold, they can be held accountable not just for owed funds, but also for additional damages as a consequence of their deceptive actions. Remember, insurance companies may not have your best interests at heart, but having a dedicated lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

Bad Faith Insurance Tactics

Insurance companies employ various strategies to diminish or reject compensation claims. They employ the following tactics:

  • Delaying your claim: By deliberately prolonging the processing or resolution of your claim, they hinder your access to necessary funds for restoring your life to normalcy.
  • Conducting an incomplete investigation: To support their cause of denying claims, insurers may prematurely conclude investigations. However, they can be held accountable for rejecting or underpaying claims based on incomplete investigations.
  • Issuing threats: Unscrupulous insurance companies might intimidate you with legal actions for rejecting their inadequate offers or for merely filing a claim.
  • Declining to present a fair offer: Legal regulations ensure that insurance companies provide equitable settlements to prevent exploiting individuals’ lack of knowledge and profiting unfairly by shortchanging policyholders.

Insurance firms utilize these methods to limit the compensation their clients deserve, despite the premiums paid. These companies amass substantial profits from premium payments, further bolstered by investment returns. Their primary objective is to minimize payouts, ensuring high profit margins at the expense of their customers. Consequently, policyholders who trust these companies for protection often discover they are being exploited instead.

Pennsylvania Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

If you suspect an insurance company is exploiting you, it’s crucial to reach out to a seasoned insurance attorney promptly. The insurance company is actively working to limit your claim, likely with legal representation on their side, so it’s essential for you to have legal support too.

Richard Hollawell & Associates possess deep insights into the insurance sector and will vigorously advocate to hold companies responsible and secure the compensation you are entitled to. Connect with our team at 1-800-681-3550 or complete the online form for a complimentary consultation on your case today.

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