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Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Lawyers

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An unexpected death is always tragic, but what makes the loss even more hurtful is knowing that it was entirely avoidable. A wrongful death causes family members of the deceased to deal with legal repercussions, insurance issues, and conflicts over the estate. That’s all on top of the emotional pain and monetary losses.

It can be very difficult for survivors to deal with all of these logistical concerns, and the thought of pursuing even more legal claims might seem like too much to take on. However, wrongful death claims exist to help you and your family get compensation if you’ve lost a loved one. As experienced Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyers, we walk you through the suit process and the legal concerns after the death. Contact the team at Richard Hollawell today to get your free case consultation.


If someone is injured because of another person’s negligence, they can sue that person or entity to get compensation for the damage they suffered, that includes both monetary losses and emotional costs.

Wrongful death claims come into play when the negligent entity causes an accident that leads to someone’s death. In this case, the family (or other interested parties) can pursue a wrongful death claim to be get relief for any harm they suffer.


Exactly what families are entitled to as a result of a wrongful death lawsuit will vary depending on their specific circumstances, however, in general the family can receive compensation for:

  • Medical Bills: It’s likely that the deceased had to undergo extensive medical care, whether to save their life or to keep them comfortable. Their family is responsible for these expenses, but they can be compensated for them.
  • Funeral Bills: Funeral and burial bills can be very expensive, in a wrongful death suit these costs can be compensated.
  • Estate Expenses: Sorting out the deceased estate can involve a lengthy legal process that adds to a family’s expenses.
  • Financial Support Lost: If the deceased provided financial support for the family, the family can get compensation for the income they’re now missing.
  • Emotional Pain: A sudden loss is extremely traumatic and emotionally painful, families can get compensation for having to undergo this hardship.
  • Lost Companionship: While it’s difficult to put a monetary value on what someone brings to their family’s life, the family can get compensation for what they’re missing because the deceased was taken from them, this includes things like loss of support, guidance, and affection.


Determining whether an injury or death is the result of a party’s negligence is up to your attorney and their team. We have handled thousands of personal injury claims and numerous wrongful death suits. We’ve made a name for ourselves pursuing giant pharmaceutical companies for their role in causing the opioid epidemic that has ravaged families across the country and caused many wrongful deaths.

We’ll put the full extent of our expertise and resources to work for you. When pursuing wrongful death, you must prove that the party you’re suing is liable for the death, meaning that if they had taken reasonable and expected precautions or action, the death wouldn’t have occurred.

If you believe your family has suffered as a result of a wrongful death, contact Richard Hollawell today for a free consultation of your case. Our team has handled hundreds of personal injury cases and serves all of our clients with understanding and compassion. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at 1-800-681-3550 or use the contact form for your free consultation.

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