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Slip and Falls From Snow and Ice in New Jersey Attorneys

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Not only is slipping on snow or ice embarrassing, but it’s also dangerous. Every year, people suffer serious injuries after falling because of ice and snow. These injuries can have life-threatening consequences and can even result in death. Beyond the pain and suffering resulting from the injuries, people also have to contend with expensive medical care. Not only does that mean they have to deal with crushing bills, but also potentially lost wages from an inability to work.

What’s especially frustrating is knowing that these injuries are entirely preventable. Property owners have a duty to make sure their properties are safe, and that means removing ice, snow, and other winter debris. Fortunately, personal injury laws exist to help hold negligent parties responsible and get you the compensation you deserve. Contact the slip and fall experts at Richard Hollawell today for a free consultation of your case.



Taking any kind of fall can cause injuries, but they can be especially traumatic when you land on a hard surface like concrete or ice. Slipping on ice can cause a wide range of serious injuries, but some of the most common ones are broken bones from trying to cushion your fall, head injuries from contact with a hard surface, and joint damage from awkward landings. 

Compensation For A Slip and Fall

I order to get compensation for your pain and expenses, you first have to figure out who is liable. While it’s often clear who’s responsible when the injury occurred on a residential property, it can be complicated if you fell at a commercial or government property. 

There are a couple of factors an experienced personal injury attorney will look at to determine negligence. The first is comparative fault, meaning we take a look at any possible responsibility you may have for your injury. The second factor is proof of negligence. This means looking at whether or not the property owner took the proper steps to make the property safe. Lastly, we need to consider the injuries themselves and their seriousness.

If those three factors are on your side, you have what you need to pursue a personal injury claim against the property owner. Keep in mind that business and residential property owners have insurance specifically to cover these costs. It’s their responsibility to pay if they acted negligently.

New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall in New Jersey because of someone else’s negligence, you need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This is because statutes of limitations could prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve if you wait. An experienced attorney will review your case, potentially leading to compensatory damages for expenses you suffered from things like physical therapy needed to recover properly, lost wages as a result of an inability to work, money to cover future medical care, and the pain you suffered from the injury.

The team at Richard Hollawell has handled thousands of personal injury cases and is here to help. We will fight to get you what you deserve. Contact us at 1-800-681-3550 or use the contact form for a free review of your case today.

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