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Will Your NJ Insurance Company Have Your Back Following an Accident?

As Seen In:GET A FREE CONSULTATION PRACTICE AREAS RECENT RESULTS As if dealing with the aftermath of a car accident wasn’t enough, having to deal with an insurance company acting in bad faith can be exhausting. Insurance companies always spend money on advertising...

Six Things to Do Following a Car Accident in New Jersey

As Seen In:GET A FREE CONSULTATION PRACTICE AREAS RECENT RESULTS The moments following a New Jersey car accident can be crucial for accident victims, especially if another party is at fault and must be held responsible. Unfortunately, those moments can also be the...

Opioid vs Opiate – How Are They Different or the Same?

Opioids and opiates – they sound very similar, and are often used interchangeably by people when speaking about them. Many people may not even realize that there is a difference between an opioid and an opiate. 

What Are The 5 Most Frequent OSHA Violations?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or “OSHA” is tasked with assuring safe and healthy working conditions for Americans by setting and enforcing standards for safety in the workplace. In addition, OSHA provides training, outreach, education and assistance to employers to help them maintain a safe working environment.

Opioid Overdose Signs and Symptoms

An overdose occurs whenever an individual ingests more of a substance than their body can handle. Overdoses are extremely dangerous and can even be fatal in some situations. It’s important to know however, that overdoses are also completely preventable.

What Does It Mean To Sue Someone?

For most people, the legal system can be both complex and intimidating. Yet, to adequately protect yourself in today’s world, it is essential to have at least a basic understanding of how the courts work.

5 Tips to Negotiate your Personal Injury Settlement

If you have incurred damages because of someone’s negligence or misconduct, you should be determined to obtain fair compensation for it. In order to obtain financial reimbursement from the responsible party, you will have to file a claim with their insurer.

How Long Does a NJ Car Accident Lawsuit Take?

Car accidents are an all too frequent occurrence in the state of New Jersey with 2020 seeing a five percent increase in traffic fatalities, despite a drop in traffic due to restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic.