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New Jersey Tire Blowout Injury Lawyer

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We know that there is any number of hazards that could cause harm while traveling in a car, but tire blowouts aren’t often what we think of first and foremost. However, tire blowouts are becoming more common and can be more serious than they appear. Apart from the financial damage you suffer from having to spend hundreds of dollars on a new tire, you could also have to contend with damage to the car from accidents related to the tire blowout or, even worse, harm to your health from these accidents.

When a tire blows out, the car could veer off course or otherwise be difficult to control, making it an extremely dangerous situation with an elevated risk of serious harm to you and your passengers due to the immense forces involved. A crash can leave cabin passengers with severe injuries that require intense treatments and prolonged therapies. These healthcare necessities mean that you and your family could be left with crushing medical bills. When you factor in the potential loss of wages due to an inability to work, families are put in an extremely difficult situation.

When you suffer an injury related to a tire blowout, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to make sure your legal interests are being pursued. At Richard Hollawell and Associates, we’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases. We’re dedicated to helping families get the compensation they deserve. We’ll review some of the basics of tire blowouts and what steps you should take following one.

What Is A Tire Blowout?

A tire blowout occurs when the tire bursts causing a sudden drop in car tire pressure in the affected tire. To a driver, this may be experienced as a sudden jolt and a loud bursting sound. The situation is dangerous because the sudden loss of pressure in the tire can cause the car to veer off course. To an inexperienced driver, this can be quite shocking and cause them to panic, limiting their ability to react appropriately and making the situation even more dangerous.

What Are The Main Causes of a Tire Blowout?

There are a number of causes of tire blowouts, but we’ll review some of the major contributing factors:

Material Flaws/Tread Separation

Over the last couple of years, there have been numerous tire recalls in the U.S., affecting millions of tires, because of mistakes made by large, trusted companies. Many of these recalls were due to a type of design flaw called tread separation.

Tires are made of a number of layers that must be held together with adhesive. If the design or the quality of the adhesive leads is flawed, these layers can separate while the car is in motion. One common cause of defective adhesive is too much moisture being in the environment while the tires were being produced.

Low Tire Pressure

Another cause of tire blowouts is low air pressure in the tire. This is because tire blowouts are caused by too much pressure being applied to a small section of the tire at once. While it seems counter-intuitive at first, having too little pressure in the tire means the interior of the tire can bend and warp more easily, making the chance of awkward shapes and uneven pressure distribution more likely.

Preventing Tire Failure

Some tire blowouts may be unpreventable, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your tires to reduce the risk of one happening. When inspecting your tires, you’ll want to look out for bulges in the tire, cracks in the rubber, and ruptures in the fabric or cord around the tire, anything that looks like it could affect the

New Jersey Tire Blowout Injury Lawyers

Determining liability for a tire blowout can be complicated. You should be sure to speak to an experienced car accident injury lawyer as soon as possible following a tire blowout because only a personal injury lawyer can explore all of the options that exist to get you compensation.

Richard Hollawell has handled thousands of personal injury cases and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call 1-800-681-3550 or use the contact form for your free consultation today.

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