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New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Lawyers

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As our loved ones age, we are often called upon to make the difficult and deeply personal choice to find the best place for them to spend their remaining years. But when a nursing home, home care, or assisted living facility fails to properly provide care, residents can suffer severe physical and psychological trauma. All too often, the elderly residents that are dependent on these facilities are neglected, abused, or exploited by staff members.

A loved one should never have to suffer at the hands of a caregiver. If someone you love is being neglected or abused, they may be afraid or incapable of speaking out about what they are going through. You may need to be their voice and the experienced attorneys at Richard Hollawell can provide you the support and legal expertise you need to bring those responsible for abuse to justice.

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Warning Signs of Neglect or Abuse

Heartbreakingly, it is all too common that the victims of abuse or neglect in these institutions are unable to stand up for themselves. Be alert for signs of neglect or abuse, including:

  • Bedsores: These are wounds that occur after skin has been in prolonged contact with a surface such as a bed or a wheelchair. 
  • Broken or missing personal items: The Nursing Home Reform Act mandates that residents are entitled to live in a place safe from the threat of theft.  
  • Medication errors: When staff members provide expired or incorrect medication, or provide medications at the wrong time, this can constitute neglect on their part. 
  • Poor hygiene: Poor hygiene includes issues such as being left in bedding that is wet, or soiled in feces. This can cause wide ranging problems for the residents, including bedsores and sepsis. 
  • Malnourishment: Residents who need help with eating and do not receive proper assistance can become seriously ill, or die of malnourishment.
  • Nervousness around staff members: Be alert if your family member shows signs of nervousness around particular staff members. 
  • Signs of physical abuse such as cuts, bruises, or burns: These are clear warning signs that your loved one may be suffering serious physical abuse from staff members.  

When staff members do not move a patient often enough to prevent bedsores, or remind at risk residents to eat properly, you have every reason to suspect that the facility does not have proper protocols in place, indicating institutional neglect. 

Clear signs of physical abuse should be taken seriously

Abuse or Neglect?

Abuse is an intentional act that can cause mental anguish, physical pain, or injury. Neglect is an unintentional act that can cause injury through failure to provide adequate care and treatment. 

Neglect or abuse can encompass: 

  • Financial exploitation
  • Mental abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse

In some studies, up to 44% of residents reported abuse, and 21% of staffers self-reported that they witnessed a resident pushed, grabbed, or shoved in anger. 

Who Is at Risk of Abuse or Neglect?

Anyone can be at risk of neglect or abuse in a nursing home or assisted living facility. There are certain risk factors that can elevate the chances that your loved one is in danger. 

  • Staffing levels: Many studies have concluded that facilities with low staffing levels have a much higher incidence of abuse. When staffing levels are low, residents are more likely to be neglected or suffer serious falls. 
  • Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia: Residents with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia, confusion, or memory loss are more likely to have been sexually abused than the average nursing home resident. 
  • Behavioral issues: When someone becomes dependent on others for help they can easily become frustrated, and display challenging behaviors. Sadly, many staff members view these attempts to resist care as intentional, causing staff members to treat residents roughly or abuse them. 

    Don’t Hesitate to Report Abuse and Seek Legal Assistance

    If you believe that your loved one has been harmed, or is suffering from serious abuse or neglect from a nursing home, home care, or assisted living facility, it is important that you take immediate action to get them the help that they desperately deserve. 

    With over $50,000,000 recovered for clients, Richard Hollawell’s team is highly experienced and compassionate. We will investigate your neglect and abuse case to the fullest, to get you and your family the justice and maximum compensation that you deserve.

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