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New Jersey Work-Related Accident Lawyers

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If you are injured on the job you need to notify your employer immediately that you were involved in an accident. Do not wait. Even if you think you may not be hurt you still need to report it.

When you report an accident immediately potential problems or issues with your claim can be prevented. You can notify a supervisor or a representative in charge as well as the personnel office. Your co-workers who were witness to the accident can verify that it happened and describe how it happened. If there was a witness to the accident it’s best to get their account of what happened in writing. Also, depending on how severe your injuries are you may or may not remember the chain of events leading up to the accident so having a witness will help your claim.

If an accident goes unreported, your employer can deny treatment and benefits for the time you were out of work. If your injuries require you to seek medical treatment your employer needs to know as soon as possible. If you are injured while at your workplace by law you are entitled to workman’s compensation employment benefits and we are here to help you.

 Common Work-Related injureS INCLUDE:

  • Asbestos or other hazardous chemicals
  • Amputation
  • Back injuries
  • Burns
  • Eye Injuries
  • Head and Neck Injuries
  • Hearing loss
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries

After you have been injured on the job you need to contact an aggressive and experienced attorney to fight for you and get the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today at 800-681-3550 for a free consultation.

One of the most common types of work-related accidents in New Jersey is construction. With Fall accidents and equipment accidents being two of the most common causes of construction-related work injuries, dozens of construction workers are killed in on the job accidents, and hundreds more are injured. Equipment accidents often involve construction equipment such as rollers, dozers, or cranes. If you were a victim of a commercial construction site injury you may be entitled to negligence compensation.

With New Jersey’s large presence in manufacturing and industrial working, workers are often injured at plants, factories, warehouses, ports, and loading docks. Common causes of accidents include machinery accidents/failures, chemical exposures, or equipment accidents. These cases often involve defective equipment or negligent conduct of an equipment operator which may also secure compensation for injury or death.

Workers Compensation

The workers’ compensation process is different from other personal injury claims in New Jersey. All workers’ comp claims filed in the state go through an agency called the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation rather than the court system. Under New Jersey workers’ compensation law, if you have a valid workers’ compensation claim, your employer is obligated to pay you seventy percent of your gross weekly income. You must be out of work for seven consecutive days in order to receive temporary disability payments. In order to complete the temporary payments, you must provide your place of work with proof through a doctor note or prescription, confirming you do not have the ability to work for a set period of time.

Workplace Negligence

New Jersey law requires companies to pay the medical costs for employees injured on the job, but what if your employer isn’t the reason you were injured? If your injury is a result of vendor negligence or faulty equipment on the job site you may be entitled to compensation. If you’re injured because of someone else’s negligence, not related to your employer, you have the right to make a negligence claim against that individual or company. If that is the case, we have to show the negligent party exposed you to unreasonable harm and that you were injured as a result of the party’s negligence to prevent that unreasonable harm. You may be able to collect compensation for pain and suffering, economic damages, and loss of future earning capacity through a negligence claim.

Compensation Lien

Workers’ compensation and a related negligence claim are very closely connected and consequently, have a fair amount of cross over and nuances to handle. It is important to know that if you collect money in a work negligence claim, you must reimburse your employer for the money paid out through workers compensation.  By state law, your employer is paying you whether anyone is negligent or not, so if you’re able to recover compensation from the party who caused the employer to pay you, then you have to reimburse your employer. This is called your employer’s workers’ compensation lien.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a workplace-related accident and you believe outside negligence caused it, call Richard Hollawell. With years of experience with injuries, we bring the knowledge and expertise to get you the compensation you rightly deserve. Set up a consultation and let us start your case (800) 681-3550.

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