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Heroic Attorneys Lead the Way Against Opioid Epidemic

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Last month, “CBS 60 Minutes” and “The Washington Post1” did an explosive expose on a former Drug Enforcement Agency official whistle blower, Joe Rannazzisi — who was brave beyond words to expose political wrongdoings fueling the prescription opioid epidemic.

Rannazzisi wears several hats — former DEA official, pharmacist and attorney.

There is another unsung hero in this opioid epidemic. His name is Richard (Rick) Hollawell and he is an attorney practicing law in my home state of N.J.

Rick Hollawell represents a family in N.J. whose daughter Sarah Fuller died in 2016 at the age of 32 as a result of being prescribed Subsys (fentanyl).

Subsys manufactured by Insys is approved to be prescribed as a sublingual spray approved by the FDA to treat breakthrough cancer pain. Sarah Fuller was prescribed Subsys by her physician — although she didn’t have cancer.

Sarah had neck and back pain resulting from two car accidents. Why would her doctor prescribe a dangerous opioid intended for cancer pain to Sarah? Rick Hollawell wondered why also and wanted answers.

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