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Sussex County Car Accident Attorney

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A serious car accident in Sussex County can be devastating – not only can you suffer serious and long lasting injuries, but you may miss time off of work, impacting your finances and mental well being. 

If you were injured due to another driver’s negligence, or reckless behavior, in a traffic accident in Sussex County, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. The team at Richard Hollawell can help you take on the big insurance companies, and fight to make sure you receive just compensation for your injuries as well as the hardships you have endured.

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Dangerous Roads and Townships in Sussex County New Jersey

There were 3,034 total car crashes in Sussex County in the year 2019. While the total number of crashes has yet to be released for 2021, we can take a look at where the fatal injury crashes occurred in that year to get a better idea of where the most dangerous accidents in Sussex County occur.

  • Vernon Township:  Prices Switch Road, County Road 565, and Sleepy Hollow Road all saw fatal accidents in Vernon Township. Vernon also saw numerous fatalities in 2020
  • State Highway 23: This highway also saw several fatalities in various townships

First Steps After a Serious Car Accident in Sussex County

In the aftermath of a serious car accident, it can be difficult to know what to do first. While it can be hard to remember exactly what steps to take, it is critical that you first:

  • Seek medical attention for you and your passengers
  • Contact the police and obtain a police report
  • Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver

After this, if you are able to, make sure and:

  • Get contact information and statements from any eye witnesses
  • Take pictures of the accident from every angle
  • Make notes on the weather or road conditions at the time of the accident


What Medical Bills Will Insurance Cover After a Sussex County Car Accident?

Most people assume that their insurance company will cover their expenses after a serious car accident, but there are various ways you may get coverage, depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident.

Here’s how this might play out in Sussex County:

    • You were driving your car at the time of the accident: Your medical bills will be paid through your own personal auto insurance. You should have PIP (personal injury protection), or no-fault medical benefits coverage as part of your auto insurance policy. 
    • You were the passenger in another person’s vehicle when the accident occurred, and you have your own auto insurance: In this case, you will go through your own auto insurance, not the driver’s insurance.
    • You were a passenger in another person’s vehicle when the accident occured, and you do NOT have your own auto insurance: In this scenario, you will contact the auto insurance for the driver of the car you were a passenger in, and go through them for your medical coverage. 
    • If you are a pedestrian and are struck by a vehicle: You will go through your own health insurance. 
  • What if you don’t have health insurance?: If you do not have your own health insurance, then you can add unpaid medical bills to your damages when making an auto claim. Your Sussex County car accident attorney can help you with this process. 

A Sussex County Car Accident Attorney Can Help With Your Claim

The first thing you need to do after a serious car accident in Sussex County is to focus on your recovery. You will probably have expenses for your medical care, and possibly rehabilitation to get you back on your feet. These expenses can be compounded because proper rest and recovery can also mean lost wages from time taken off of work.

Insurance companies will notoriously propose a lowball settlement as their first offer, not taking into account the many serious financial repercussions of a car accident in Sussex County. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can show the big insurance companies you mean business, and help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact the team at Richard Hollawell today to receive your free consultation. We can be reached at 

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