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Amazon Industrial Park Workers Comp. Attorney

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dNo matter how stressful or physically demanding your job may be, most people don’t expect to become seriously injured or, worse yet, get killed in a job-related accident. Even as the news headlines recount story after story of individuals killed or injured on the job, most people believe that it will never happen to them, no matter how dangerous their job may be.

However, workers at commercial businesses, manufacturing plants, big-box stores, and warehouses throughout New Jersey and across the United States face daily injury risks. In some cases, those injuries are life-altering and even fatal.

New Jersey Amazon industrial park workers are among the most at-risk groups when it comes to workplace injury. In fact, the online retail giant has had a disturbing record of workplace injuries at its warehouses across the country, but especially in New Jersey.

According to reports, Workers for Amazon’s New Jersey facilities suffered 1,605 workplace injuries in 2021. Of those injuries, 1,386 were serious enough for the employees to miss work or be placed on restricted duty. In fact, the report stated Amazon warehouse workers suffer injuries “almost twice as high as the injury rate among all other warehouse workers in 2021.”

The good news for those killed or seriously injured working at a New Jersey Amazon warehouse facility can seek relief through a workers’ compensation insurance claim. If you or someone you love was injured or lost a family member in an Amazon warehouse facility accident, hiring a workers’ compensation attorney could help.

Workers’ Compensation for Amazon Industrial Park Workers

Workers’ comp is mandatory insurance paid for by employers. In addition to providing “no-fault” warehouse facility coverage, which offers financial compensation to those injured at work, workers’ compensation insurance will also pay out death benefits for workplace fatalities.

Countless employees throughout the country work in warehousing facilities, including in dangerous Amazon warehouse facilities, where they face many safety and health risks.

For example, injuries or wrongful deaths may be caused by falling and flying objects or being hit by a forklift, truck, hi-low, or other industrial machinery often used in these environments.

Filing an Amazon Warehouse Center Workers’ Comp Claim in New Jersey

Across the United States, thousands of injuries and preventable deaths occur in industrial parks, including Amazon warehouse centers, where employees face a wide array of workplace injury risks. In addition to on-the-job accidents, there have even been reports of stress-related injuries and deaths that may be connected to Amazon’s working environment.

If you were injured or lost a family member in a forklift accident, a truck accident, or some other accident at an Amazon Industrial park in New Jersey or some other industrial workplace, contact an NJ workers’ compensation attorney to assist you in filing a claim. Workers’ compensation in New Jersey can help cover medical expenses and lost wages resulting from your accident.

When a death occurs following an industrial park accident, surviving family members may be left with unpaid bills and a significant loss of household income. A workers’ comp claim can help families suffering financially after losing someone who tragically lost their lives while doing their job.

Heavy Equipment is a Major Factor in Amazon Industrial Park Workers’ Comp Accidents

Forklifts and other types of heavy equipment are standard in any distribution center setting, but they are also quite dangerous if employers do not take proper precautions to protect workers. Like any other heavy equipment in an Amazon fulfillment center, forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles should be operated appropriately to minimize workers’ risk of injury and death.

Other common injuries among those working at New Jersey Amazon industrial parks are strains and sprains, which account for about a third of all reported injuries. These are usually caused by lifting heavy objects or performing repetitive tasks as part of the job.

The primary goal of any employer should be to prevent on-the-job accidents, whether due to repetitive stress, slips and falls, or incidents involving heavy machinery. Unfortunately, reports allege that Amazon puts speed and efficiency ahead of worker safety. As a result, many safety advocates believe that Amazon industrial park workers are at a much greater risk than their peers.

If you or someone you love has suffered a workplace injury at a New Jersey Amazon industrial park or a family member was killed while working at an Amazon fulfillment warehouse, contact Richard J. Hollawell and Associates.

The experienced team of workplace injury and New Jersey work accident attorneys at Richard J. Hollawell and Associates know how to get you the compensation you deserve following an on-the-job warehouse injury or death. Whether the injury occurred at an Amazon industrial park, a Target distribution center, or any other industrial workplace, we are here to help.

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