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Car Accident Apps To Help You In Emergency Situations

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As per estimation by the insurance industry, typical drives may experience around three to four car wrecks in their lifetime. Even though there are safer and stricter laws implemented for drivers in the USA but car accidents still happen even to the best drivers.

Fortunately, some easy and simple ways can prepare you for the worst. One of the first things on the self-defense line is downloading the car accident app on your smartphone. These apps help you gather evidence and guide you on what steps to take next. Here we have mentioned some free accident apps available both on Android and iPhone.

AAA Mobile App

This app is famous for its rapid roadside help. Whether it was an unexpected breakdown or traffic accident, if your vehicle is immobilized, you can use the app to directly request roadside assistance.

AAA mobile app has built-in GPS technology and responds within seconds. Moreover, it provides directions, gas prices, member discounts, and lodging and travel recommendations.


It becomes tough to gather evidence when your head is whirling after the crash. The WreckCheck app tells you the steps you follow after the accident. This app access the location service, camera, and audio recorder of your mobile to document the collision incident.

It also helps victims to create the accident report and send it to the car accident attorney. WreckCheck helps drivers to determine what kind of information to share and with whom as well as how to use this information while filing the accident insurance claim.

Collision Call

This app contacts the emergency services automatically when an accident happens. It uses the technology of your smartphone to measure the impact force to detect the wreck. Open this app when you are on the road and unfortunately, if an accident happens it triggers an alert so that emergency service reaches you immediately.

Collision Call set up the alarm for family and friends if a collision happens. It can also be used while riding the bicycle, motorcycles, in subways, or as a passenger.


iWrecked app work as a mini-treasure chest to collect and store evidence. Moreover, it takes photos of the accident scene, record accident details, generate PDF report of the accident and locate nearby towing companies and taxis. The app uses the GPS location service of the phone to notify the officials.

Auto Accident App

This app has an accident recording system that helps to document crash details. It compiles relevant information automatically into a detailed report including an audio witness statement, pictures, or injury charts, etc. that you can easily send from the phone.

You can easily create an account on it simply by uploading the pictures of your driving license, insurance, and vehicle registration, and the app will do the rest. It saves your time by not asking to manually fill in the personal details.

Take Help From Auto Accident Attorney

The chances that you will suffer a car accident in your life at some point are certain and these accident apps will certainly help you in such situations. Should you be wounded in a car collision, consult a Houston car accident lawyer to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.

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