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What is the Average Car Accident Settlement in NJ

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Following a New Jersey car crash, injured victims may have a right to sue negligent parties responsible for the accident and recover damages. While taking a car accident to trial, where a jury renders a final verdict, most cases never get that far, and the parties settle before making it to the courtroom.

One of the primary benefits of a settlement is that it can help accident victims receive the compensation they are owed much faster than they would at trial.

So, what does the average car accident settlement in New Jersey look like?

There is no one answer because, when it comes to car accident settlements, the outcome depends on many different variables. While most accident victims will receive compensation in the several thousand dollar range, plaintiffs who have suffered extreme damages can recover far more.

Accident settlements are typically reached thanks to intense negotiations between all parties involved. With the help of an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer, accident victims can maximize their settlement and avoid the stumbling blocks that often slow down a personal injury lawsuit.

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The Average New Jersey Car Accident Injury Settlement

It is difficult to estimate the average New Jersey car accident injury settlement due partly to the complex nature of the state’s insurance laws.

The Insurance Information Institute reports that the average auto liability payout for property damage was $5,314, the average for bodily injury was $22,734, and the average collision payout was $5,010. However, this is based on national averages, and several factors may influence your settlement, such as medical costs.

NJ car accident victims suffering severe injuries that require lengthy recovery times will likely receive a larger settlement payout because the damages are far greater. When costly medical procedures are necessary, such as surgeries, the settlement award can be in the six-figure range.

Vehicle damage also plays a significant role. Usually, an accident victim will not be awarded more than their car was worth. However, if you were driving a new luxury vehicle, for example, and it was totaled, you would likely be compensated for the car’s total value. For less serious repairable damages, your settlement will cover the repair costs.

A New Jersey car accident lawyer will also discuss what pain and suffering, if any, you may have experienced in the aftermath of the accident. Such damages are usually subjective since no predetermined costs or price tags are associated with them. Instead, an experienced personal injury attorney must prove how the accident has had an impact on your life and what the pain and suffering you endured is worth.

Reaching a Settlement in a New Jersey Car Accident in Case

A reputable personal injury attorney can offer the skills necessary for a fair settlement in a New Jersey accident claim. Accident victims should never begin settlement negotiations alone. A car accident attorney will review the specifics of your case to determine the appropriate settlement award before negotiating with other parties.

If you want the best possible outcome, provide your attorney with evidence to support your claim. That includes medical bills, repair bills, photos and videos of the accident scene, police reports, or other useful information. You must also remain willing to compromise without letting other parties involved in the case intimidate you. Insurance companies and other parties often employ scare tactics to minimize settlement awards. Although most settlements are amicable, they can easily turn ugly. Let your car accident attorney carry that burden on your behalf.

Preventing Pitfalls in a New Jersey Car Accident Settlement

A New Jersey personal injury attorney will also be instrumental in helping you navigate New Jersey’s complex personal injury and insurance claim statutes, thus allowing you to avoid the snags that can impede settlement negotiations and minimize award amounts.

For example, when negligent parties are unwilling to settle, you want an attorney willing to take your accident case to trial if necessary.

Also, remember that, in some cases, not much evidence exists. However, that doesn’t mean you are not entitled to compensation as an accident victim. If that is the case, your NJ car accident lawyer will strategically use the evidence available to garner the best deal possible.

Lastly, accident victims should be prepared to defend themselves against any allegations that blame them for causing the accident. Sometimes, plaintiffs and defendants share a responsibility for both the accident as well as the injuries suffered. It is not uncommon for defendants to use this to reduce compensation. It is up to your car accident lawyer to prove fault in the case. The more favorable evidence you can present, the more likely you will obtain a fair settlement.

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